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#CreateGood Business Panel

#CreateGood Dreams - Media and tech mogul Randi Zuckerberg shares the story of how she went from Mark Zuckerberg’s little sister to a Silicon Valley executive to a media powerhouse… all while chasing a dream to perform on Broadway.

#CreateGood Startups - Female entrepreneurs talk about the startup struggle of getting a new business off the ground, getting funded, and making your idea grow.

#CreateGood Stories - Rachel Shechtman, Founder of STORY, knows a thing or two about content and even more about retail storefronts. So when she merged the two together, the business world took note.

#CreateGood Ideas - We invite three founders looking for backing for their business to present and hopefully win the attention of three female VCs.

#CreateGood Beginnings - We hear from 12-year-old Shark Tank contestant Mikaila Ulmer who founded Me and the Bees on how to be a boss at any age.

#CreateGood News - A discussion on the news business and what's changing, what's tough, and how the White House and social media has made things better and worse.



with Erin Loechner

Author of Chasing Slow and founder of Design for Mankind, Erin Loechner has been blogging and speaking for more than a decade. In this workshop, based on Chasing Slow, Erin will teach attendees how to step away from a fast and frenzied lifestyle and return to the simple things. Her approach will show women how to live by a better, more simple life by refreshing their perspectives, renewing their priorities, and shifting their focus to the journey that matters most.